A Daughter of the King realizes her position and purpose in the Kingdom because she intimately knows Her King.


As Daughters of the King, we are joint heirs with Jesus, serving our King and working in the Kingdom according to the call He has on our lives. Kingdom work is done with an attitude of compassion and grace towards others. We seek to know our King intimately so as to become more Christlike in our servanthood. We recognize that each Daughter has gifts and each gift is needed for the Kingdom to fully operate. We exhort each other to bring glory to Our King.


Daughters of the King

  • pray daily
  • read the Word of God
  • desire intimacy with the King
  • have a teachable heart
  • disciple other women
  • esteem others above themselves
  • have a submissive attitude
  • use their gifts to serve in the Kingdom
  • have a lifestyle of worship
  • aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman of noble character

Ministry Strategies:

  • Sunday morning worship & teaching/preaching
  • Weekly morning women’s Bible study
  • Discipleship opportunities
  • Quarterly women’s ministry meetings

Fellowship activities

  • Yearly local women’s conferences
  • Out-of-town conferences
  • Opportunities to meet the physical and spiritual needs within our church body and in the community
  • Yearly retreat